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With Seint Eyeshadows you can completely customize your own eyeshadow palette! Seint eyeshadows are magnetic and they simply pop in and out of your all-in-one Seint makeup palette, allowing you to select the eyeshadow shades individually that you know you will love and use!

With over 80 eyeshadow shades to choose from, bright pops of color to soft neutrals, our eyeshadows come in matte powders, shimmers, and creams. They are also high quality, highly pigmented, and blend like a dream!

You can custom pick your eyeshadows here!

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Why Seint Eyeshadow Palettes?

Create your own customizable seint makeup palette

  • No more waste – No more buying eyeshadow palettes with 12 shades, to only use the same 4 shades everytime!
  • Replace only what you need – No more having to buy the whole pre-built palette again from Urban Decay or Too Faced when you run out of just one or two eyeshadow favs! With Seint eyeshadows, just replace each shade individually saving you money!
  • Great for travel – Custom build your eyeshadow palette to take only the shades you need with you when you go away for a week or weekend! Just pop the eyeshadows that match your outfits into your travel makeup palette and you’re off!
  • More bang for your buck – Most other eyeshadow brands have a volume of 0.05 oz of product in their eyeshadow tins. Whereas, Seint eyeshadows include 0.074 oz of product, giving you more volume per tin!

Can you Recommend Seint Eyeshadows for my Eye Color?

Yes, of course! Although I’m more of a “there are no rules to makeup” kinda gal, I certainly can appreciate that certain eyeshadows will definitely make your eyes POP! Here are some ideas below!

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What are some Seint Eyeshadows Dupes? 

Do you have favorite eyeshadow palettes with other brands? Check this out! With over 86 eyeshadows here at Seint, I can help you find any shade from another brand’s eyeshadow palette. And by customizing your own eyeshadow palette with Seint, you can ditch the shades from pre-built palettes that you never end up using anyways!

Seint eyeshadow dupes

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Seint Eyeshadow Tutorials

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