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How to Shop & Save with Pre-Built Makeup Collections from Seint BeautyHow To Shop & Save with Seint Makeup Collections 

STEP 1: Click 1 of our 3 discounted Seint Makeup Collections below (SAVE 15% OFF retail value)

STEP 2: You can color match yourself using the “Find your Shades” button to select from 8 skintone levels (OR if you already got a color match from me, I texted you with your skintone level!)

STEP 3: Click “Add to Cart” & simplify your makeup routine! 

Seint Makeup No 4 Collection


Seint Makeup No 8 Collection


Seint Makeup No 12 Collection


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If you want help selecting your skintone level, CLICK THIS BUTTON:


Additional FAQ

What are the Seint Beauty Makeup Collections?

The Collections are prebuilt palettes that Seint has put together based on the most common skintones and shade combinations! With 3 different Collections for any budget and makeup needs, you just pick your desired Collection size and your corresponding skintone level, and just add to cart!

How to Shop Collections

How to Shop Seint Makeup Collections

Once you’ve picked your Collection + Skintone Level and added it to your cart (great, you’ve already saved!), feel free to add any extras to your cart! Whether it is an additional fav Lip & Cheek, eyeshadow, or tools, feel free to get anything on your wishlist!

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Here are a few great add-ons! Just type what you are looking for into the search bar on the website!

Seint makeup tools & brushes

Seint Lip & cheeks Seint Eyeshadows

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Can I customize the Seint Makeup Collections?

The Collections come prebuilt with your skintone shades, compact, and brush. They are bundled for additional savings. If you are wanting to fully customize or change the shades in your Collection, I’d recommend completing my Color Match Form below to build your own palette. OR grab your desired Collection and add any of the additional items you wanted to your cart! That way you can still take advantage of the cost savings from the Collections! To get a free custom shade match or to find out your Collection skintone level, complete my free color match form here!

Can I return or exchange Seint Makeup Collections?

Yes! We have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and we also have a 30-Day Shade Swap that will allow you to swap any highlights, contours, bronzers or illuminators in the Collections if a color just isn’t right! 

Any other questions? I’m here to help! You can email me at or text me 705-995-0515! xo 

Thank you for supporting my small business!