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Simplify your makeup routine to under 5 minutes, AND look + feel better than EVER!

How to simplify your makeup routine with Seint Beauty Makeup

Seint Beauty Makeup will help you simplify your makeup routine, and give you a flawless, radiant, and highlight + contoured finish! This cream based IIID Foundation is an innovative approach to the popular (but far too complicated) traditional method of highlighting and contouring. It is perfect for all ages, skintypes, and experience levels! If you are looking for easy and effective makeup, that takes only minutes to apply, but leaves you looking and feeling better than you ever have before, then SEINT (formerly Maskcara Beauty) is your answer!

Looking to up your makeup game?! Read on!


Why will you LOVE this makeup?

Seint Beauty Makeup HAC Placement Diagram

  • Quick & easy application for a beautiful, natural look
  • Simplify & streamline your makeup collection
  • Apply product only where it needs to go – no cakey, layered makeup
  • Cream makeup makes it easy to apply and blend
  • Highly pigmented, so you only need a small amount of product
  • Makeup that creates a 3-dimensional look enhancing your natural features
  • Customizable compact – buy only what you want, when you want
  • Magnetic tins allow you to arrange & rearrange shades, as desired
  • No monthly subscriptions, minimum purchases, or auto-shipping
  • Paraben, sulfate, gluten, alcohol, cruelty and fragrance free
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 60-Day Shade Swap Policy,         making it essentially risk-free to try!

Create your own customizable seint makeup palette

What is Seint’s IIID Foundation? 

How do I apply Seint Beauty Makeup?

How long does Seint Beauty Makeup tins last?How long do Seint Beauty Makeup tins last & is it affordable?

On average, highlight foundation tins last 2-4 months, contour last 3-6 months, lip + cheeks last 6-12 months, and illuminators last 9-12 months. The best part is you only replace what you need, when you need to – saving you time, space, and money! These tins are only $16 USD/ $23 CAD each.

Gone are the days of buying a whole Naked Eyeshadow Palette to only use 4 of the 10 eyeshadow shades. With SEINT Beauty, you pick only what you truly want and use! Eyeshadow tins are $14 USD / $20 CAD per tin.


How do I find out my shades?

I can help you! I have color matched thousands of ladies virtually, and I’d be happy to recommend shades that would match your skin tone as well. Click HERE for your free custom match!

Seint Makeup shade color match quiz (free & complimentary)

Want to skip the match quiz and match yourself using one of our pre-build palettes? Click HERE!

Where can I buy Seint Beauty Makeup?

HERE is the link to shop or build your own palette!


Seint Artist Program

Can you tell me more about the Artist Program?

Feel free to learn more about SEINT’s artist program HERE and what it means to join my team The Reign, with me as your personal mentor!

Ready to jump right in and do this with me?!

I will help you every step along the way! You can register as an artist HERE. I will receive a notification once you register, and I will then reach out to you where we can get to know each other more personally and chat about your onboarding. Don’t worry girl, I’ve got you!


If you want to chat further about the makeup or artist program, I am an open book and I’d love to chat!

Reach out to me at xoxo


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