Flu Season with Crane

Flu season is among us. From viruses, fevers, stomach bugs and runny noses, Emerson is highly susceptible to the flu at his age. With that in mind, I’ve been on a mission to do all that I can to help prevent him and Alivia from getting sick.

According to Harvard Medical School graduate and lecturer, Dr. Stephanie Taylor found that the one factor most associated with seasonal viruses is dry air. At low relative humidity, indoor air is strongly associated with higher infection rates. Since her study was published, there has been more research in peer-reviewed literature observing a link between dry air and viral infections. Refer to this Forbes ARTICLE for more details on these findings.

When Emerson caught his first virus of the flu season back in November, I immediately pulled out the humidifier from his closet. Crane is our family’s favourite brand for humidifiers, and Emerson has had Crane’s White Drop Humidifier in his room since he was a baby. Newborns are obligate nasal breathers, meaning they can only breathe out of their noses for the first 4-6 months while they develop their palette – and adding humidity helps them breathe better – easing sleep and feeding problems. With that in mind, I was adamant on getting the same humidifier for Alivia’s nursery as well. Here’s a LINK to check it out.

We love our Crane Drop Humidifiers for so many reasons, but for me, these are a few key features:
o 1-gallon tank lasts 24 hours+
o Whisper quiet operation
o Easy to clean
o Cute shape for kid’s rooms

Since Emerson and Alivia have been using their humidifiers, we’ve noticed that the moisture helps alleviate mucus, decongest, dry skin, chapped lips, dandruff, and soothes coughs/sinuses.

We clean the humidifier with diluted white vinegar in water, shake it in the tank, place on the base and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing and air drying. It’s super simple. A quick cleaning video can be found HERE.

As fans of the Crane brand, we also recently came across Crane’s Personal Warm Steam and Cool Mist INHALER on Amazon.

This personal inhaler provides:
o Instant relief for congestion from cold/flu, allergies, and asthma
o Vapor pads included to use with it
o On-the-go relief while traveling
o Natural relief without need for OTC medication

Plus, Emerson thinks it is super cool and loves to use it. Win-win when you have a cranky, congested toddler in flu season!

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy flu season with Crane.

Love Always,



*This post is sponsored by Crane, however, the opinions are my own.



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