Easter Basket Ideas For Your Littles

You guys, Easter is almost here, and with everything that has been going on, many of us might not be as prepared as usual. In hopes of sharing some inspiration, here are a few quarantine-friendly ideas for your little babe’s Easter baskets this year!

  1. Re-Use and “Recycle” Baskets – Look around your house for baskets to use. Instead of buying new, I snagged these white bins from our playroom, and they will go back where they belong after Easter.
  2. Chocolate Grocery Order – Add your Easter Hunt chocolate to your next Walmart, Target, or grocery store pick-up/delivery order.
  3. Support Local Shops – Are there local shops around you that offer kids goodies? Many small shops are offering delivery and/or porch drop off during this time, plus you get to support local!
  4. Buy for the Season – Are your littles in need of items for Spring/ Summer that you would have had to buy anyways? Do they have their rain boots, runners, bathing suits, sunglasses and hats ready to go for the nicer weather while stuck at home? All you need is your kiddos sizes, and these can be purchased online!
  5. Shop Your House – Take a look around your house for items to go in their basket. For example, unopened craft or outdoor supplies, like markers, play doh, stickers, bubbles, or sidewalk chalk. Favourite snacks from your pantry are perfect basket stuffers as well.
  6. Books & Stuffed Animals – Stuffed animals and books are a fantastic staple for any children’s holiday! I got Emerson and Alivia these Easter inspired Precious Moments stuffed animals that are so soft and perfect size for nighttime cuddles, while reading their new ‘The Joy of Easter’ storybook.

I hope these ideas were useful! Please stay home, happy, and healthy this Easter!



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