DIY Easter Egg Dying

If you’re like me, you never thought to order an Easter Egg Dying Kit this year. Since running out to the store is no longer a thing, I thought I would pull off my own fun DIY egg dye decorating at home with things almost anyone would already have. This one is super simple, even for your toddlers to try!

Step 1 – Hard boil eggs
Step 2 – Put 5-6 drops of food colouring to a glass bowl
Step 3 – Add 1/3 cup vinegar
Step 4 – Add 1 cup lukewarm water
Step 5 – Place egg inside whisk
Step 6 – Dip it in!

You can make bowls for each colour of food colouring – red, blue, yellow and green – and then mix the colours together at the end to get even more options like purple, orange, and so on. For more pastel looking colours, use less food colouring and more vinegar.

If you give it a try, tag me @lovealwayslaura, as I’d love to see! Hope you have a fun Easter with your littles!

Love Always,




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